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Peter Borg Apps is a small, but great, company which creates apps for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPad. We believe in creating easy to use, elegant yet powerful apps.

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Smultron 6.0.10 released

Smultron 6 has been updated and you can update to the new version in Updates in Mac App Store.

Smultron 6
Lingon X 1.2.2 released

An update to Lingon X has been released. Update with Check for Updates… in the Lingon X menu.
Lingon X

Being Boring released

A completely new app for your iPhone and iPad was released today by Peter Borg Apps and it is called Being Boring

Be here and not there - by being boring

Just be, right now. Relax, meditate or have some meaningless fun for a short while with the different things you can do in Being Boring. Become more focused and creative by concentrating on a repetitive and monotone task for a few minutes. Like a game without a goal.

Being Boring can for example help you to reduce stress, help you to focus, clear your mind when you have too much to think about and help you to kickstart your creativity.

Being Boring
Lingon 3.1.3 released

A new version of Lingon with some bug fixes has been released and you can update to the new version in Updates in Mac App Store. The release notes are:

• Addressed a possible issue when choosing what to run

• Addressed a rounding off issue when running jobs at intervals

• Removed a harmless log entry that appeared when a job is loaded

• Some other smaller bug fixes

Lingon 3