Being Boring Being Boring

Be here and not there - by being boring

Being Boring

Just be, right now. Relax, meditate or have some meaningless fun for a short while with the different things you can do in Being Boring. Become more focused and creative by concentrating on a repetitive and monotone task for a few minutes. Like a game without a goal.

Being Boring can for example help you to reduce stress, help you to focus, clear your mind when you have too much to think about and help you to kickstart your creativity.

Here are the different things you can do in Being Boring (double tap on the screen to choose):

  • Touch - Touch a dot and it disappears to appear somewhere else and then you can touch that and so on
  • Gravity - Three dots move depending on how you move your device
  • Swipe* - Swipe the dot in any direction and it will glide away and bounce off the edges of the screen
  • Connect* - By touching a dot a line between that dot and the previous dot is drawn
  • Magnet* - Drag a dot from the center of the screen and release it and will be forced back to the center by a magnet
  • Paint* - Draw with your finger within a shape and when it is filled a new empty shape appears

* = An in-app purchase for $0.99 each. (After you bought it on one device you can use it on all your devices.)

So the next time you have a few minutes to spare, don't check your mails or see what others do in some social app or do something you feel that you are supposed to do - help your mind by being boring.


Being Boring is free to download and to use with the first two things to do. The rest are available as in-app purchases for $0.99 each.
You can get it in App Store

App Store


Being Boring works on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
which runs iOS 7 or later



How do I change to another?

Double tap to get the list and choose one.

How do I refresh Paint?

You have to fill every pixel to make it refresh automatically but you can refresh it yourself by double tapping and choose Paint again.

How do I buy a new?

Click anywhere on the line of the one you want and it will ask you if you really want to buy it and then you might need to log into your App Store account.

How do I use it on my other devices?

After you bought it on one device you can use it on all your devices by tapping on the Restore Previous Purchases-button which you can see if you double tap and log in with the same username as you bought them with.

How do I fix a problem after buying?

Sometimes mobile devices experience weak internet connections. After completing a purchase, the App Store needs to send back a confirmation that your payment was successful. If you lose your internet connection when this message is sent, your purchase may not be processed. If this happens please try this:

Double tap to see the list and then choose Restore Previous Purchases. If this does not solve the problem, then please check your App Store receipt, sent to you via email. If the item you purchased is on the receipt but you cannot locate the download, please contact Apple via the email with your receipt. Click on the link in the email which says "Report a problem."

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