How to troubleshoot your app

First of all make sure that you are using the latest version of the app. You can find any possible new release in Updates in the Mac App Store app on your Mac or with Check for Updates... in the Lingon X menu.

Then you can try to move the app to the trash and redownload it to make sure that something in the app is not damaged.

Then you can look at the help for each application, you can find these here on the site:


Some problems can be caused by a corrupt preferences. You can fix this in two ways depending on which app you have.

Smultron 5 and 6

Quit Smultron and open the Terminal app in /Applications/Utilities and write the following command for your app on one line and then press Enter:

App Command
Smultron 6 defaults delete com.peterborgapps.Smultron6
Smultron 5 defaults delete com.peterborgapps.Smultron5
Other apps

First quit the app and then drag the following file to the trash and then start the app again ("~" is a short symbol for your home folder):

  • Smultron 4: ~/Library/Preferences/com.peterborgapps.Smultron4.plist
  • Smultron 3: ~/Library/Preferences/com.peterborgapps.Smultron.plist
  • Lingon X: ~/Library/Preferences/com.peterborgapps.LingonX.plist
  • Lingon 3: ~/Library/Preferences/com.peterborgapps.Lingon3.plist
  • Lingon 2: ~/Library/Preferences/com.peterborgapps.Lingon.plist
(You can get to the Library folder by holding the Option key when clicking on the Go menu in Finder.)

If you can’t find a solution to your problem or just want to get in touch with us, you can email us at