Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important

Our thoughts on privacy

Your privacy is important to us. That is why we neither request nor collect any information at all about you from within our apps.

Mac App Store apps - We don’t know who has bought our apps (unless, of course, you contact us directly) and we don’t have access to any email addresses or any personal information about you whatsoever. We also don’t know anything about what hardware you run our apps on. We don’t send out any information at all from our apps.

Lingon X and Smultron (when bought from our own store) - We never look at any information about who has bought our apps (unless you contact us directly and the information is needed in regard to that query) and we don’t save or download any information that is collected by the company that help us with the payments: FastSpring. We collect no information about what hardware you run the app on. We don’t send any out any information at all from our apps.

Any support link within our apps are standard links which opens e.g. your own web browser or mail app without any personal information about you. The Help pages are linked to our site from the apps and those pages don’t collect any information about you.

For more information about the privacy policies used by the companies that help us, please click the links below

If you have any questions about this please contact us at