An elegant and powerful text editor that is easy to use

Smultron 10 - The elegant text editor

You can use Smultron 10 to create or edit any text document. Everything from a web page, a note or a script to any single piece of text or code.

Smultron 10 is very easy to use, it is fast and uses powerful technologies like auto save. It helps you to do what you want to do without getting in your way. So you can save time and get things done. Use Smultron 10 for all your text needs.

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New in Smultron 10

The new Smultron 10 is the best ever Smultron and has the following new features:

Smultron versions

macOS Smultron Note
10.12-10.13 Smultron 10 Get license
10.12 Smultron 9 Any new 10.12 user should get Smultron 10 instead
10.11 Smultron 8 See answer just below
10.10 Smultron 7 See answer just below
How can I get a license for an earlier version?
You can only buy a license for the latest version but if you need a license for an earlier version you can get it by following these two steps:
  1. First get a license for the latest version from the store (and you can of course keep this license for when/if you upgrade your macOS)
  2. Then send a mail to us with the receipt number and the version that you want the license for. We will then generate a license for you and send it to you.

(Earlier versions do not include all features listed on this site.)


I just bought a license for Smultron 9, can I upgrade for free to 10?
A license bought on or after August 19, 2017 is eligible for a free upgrade. If you bought it from the Smultron Store after that date, you can use that license for Smultron 10 as well. If you bought it from Mac App Store you need to contact us with proof of purchase and we’ll send you a new license. If you bought Smultron 9 before that date you need to buy Smultron 10 in Mac App Store or get an upgrade license.
Which languages is it available in?
English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish
Is version 10 a paid upgrade?
Yes, if you have an earlier version you either need to get an upgrade license in Smultron Store or buy the app from Mac App Store.
Is there a demo version?
Download the app and you’ll have all the functionality except that you can’t save a document until you buy a license.
How can I buy a license?
You can either buy it from Mac App Store or buy it from the Smultron Store (if you download the app you can also buy it from within the app by choosing Purchase... from the Smultron menu to use the secure built-in store).
How do I register the license?
Choose License... from the Smultron menu and input the exact values you received in the confirmation mail.
I cannot update my app bought from Smultron Store, what is wrong?
Because of security measures in macOS you have to move the app at least once before you can update it. So if for instance you downloaded the app to the Downloads folder on your Mac, quit the app and then just move it to the /Applications folder and then you can update it.
Some of my images and my CSS aren't loaded in Preview?
Because Smultron is what is called sandboxed (to protect you and your computer) it can't read files that aren't open in Smultron. You can solve it by opening the individual files in Smultron or open an enclosing folder in Folders, which will then allow Smultron to read all those files. If the images and CSS files are directly accessed from the web, make sure that they are served using TLS, that is, they use https.
By default Smultron opens documents in tabs. You can change this in Preferences - General. If you turn off the setting that it should automatically open documents in tabs, Smultron will use the system setting that can be changed in System Preferences - Dock. If you want to merge all open windows or move a tab to its own window you can do it in the Window menu. In High Sierra and later Smultron will also display the document icon in the tab, this can be turned off in the View menu.
Is VAT included in the EU price?
Yes. And if you are registered as a company in EU and have a valid VAT ID you can buy it without VAT on the Smultron Store.
Can I change the file extension a particular syntax uses?
Yes, you can do that in Preferences - Advanced. Choose the syntax in the menu and then add or change the extension in the text field next to the menu (a space between each extension and no dots).
How do I assign a keyboard shortcut any menu item?
You do this in System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts. Choose App Shortcuts and then press + and then choose Smultron and write the exact name of the snippet or command.
How do I change a keyboard shortcut?
You do this in System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts. Choose App Shortcuts and then press + and then choose Smultron and write the exact name of the menu item and choose a new shortcut.
Why does it insert an extra space when pasting some text?
That is a standard system feature which is there to help you with pasting text. But you can turn it off by deselecting Smart Copy/Paste in the Edit menu, under Substitutions
Why does it replace some of the text I write with another character?
That is a standard system feature which is there to help you write those characters. But you can turn it off if you want in the Edit menu, under Substitutions just deselect Text Replacement. What exactly is replaced is decided by System Preferences - Keyboard - Text.
How can I open “hidden” files?
When you are in the standard open dialog just press Command and Shift and a dot.
How do I change the language Smultron uses?
The language used is determined by your system setting in System Preferences - Language & Region. If you only want to change the language that Smultron uses to for instance English you can do this by writing this command in Terminal:
defaults write com.peterborgapps.Smultron10 AppleLanguages '(en)'
How can I show hidden files in Folders?
Quit Smultron and write the following command in the Terminal app:
defaults write com.peterborgapps.Smultron10 FoldersShowsHidden -bool true
Is there a command line utility?
There isn’t a command line utility available for Smultron but you can use standard commands to do the same thing (and more). Use for instance:
open -a /Applications/ /path/to/file
open -a /Applications/ /open/all/in/this/folder/*
Which code languages have syntax coloring?
ActionScript, Active4D, Ada, AMPL, Ansible, Apache, AppleScript, Arduino, Assembler x86, Assembler MIPS, Assembler PPC, ASP - JavaScript, ASP - VB, ASP.NET - C#, ASP.NET - VB, AWK, Batch, C, C++, C#, Ceylon, Clojure, Cobol, CoffeeScript, ColdFusion, Csound, CSS, CUDA, D, Dart, Diff, Dylan, Eiffel, Elm, Erlang, eZ Publish, F#, Final Cut Pro XML, Fortran, Fountain, FreeFem++, GEDCOM, GIFT, GNU Assembler, Go, Gravity, Groovy, Hack, Haskell, Header, HTML, IDL, Idris, Java, JavaFX, JavaScript, JSON, JSP, Julia, Kotlin, LaTeX, LESS, Lilypond, Lisp, Logtalk, LSL, Lua, Make, Markdown, MathProg, Matlab, Metal, MetaPost, MEL, Metaslang, Multi User Forth, MySQL, Nemerle, NEURON, nginx, Nim, Notation3, Objective Caml, Objective-C, Ox, PARI/GP, Pascal, PDF, Perl, PHP, Plist, PostScript, PowerShell, Processing, Prolog, Python, R/S-PLUS, RHTML, Ruby, Rust, SAS, Sass/SCSS, Scala, Scheme, Servoy JavaScript, SGML, Shell, Smalltalk, SML, SQL, Stata, Strings, Stylus, SuperCollider, SVG, Swift, Tcl/Tk, TorqueScript, Turtle, TypeScript, Udo, UnityScript, VB, Verilog, VHDL, WebAssembly, Xcode config, XLIFF, XML, XQuery, YAML, Zimbu


Mac App Store Smultron Store
Price US$ 10 US$ 10
Upgrade price US$ 7 (from previously bought Smultron)
Site license US$ 100
Buy with Apple-ID
Buy without Apple-ID
Audited by Apple
iCloud Drive
EULA Apple Peter Borg Apps

Some Features

Dark mode
Dark mode that you can turn on in the View menu changes the default color of for instance windows to a dark color. It doesn't change the theme so the document text background for instance is still white by default. You can change the theme in the View menu to for instance Oslo to get a dark text background as well. The menu bar is also not changed and it can be changed in System Preferences - General.
With Folders you can choose a folder from your disk and it will show all its content, including subfolders, in its window in Smultron so that you can easily select a file to open it as a document in Smultron. You can also filter to see only the documents that you are interested in. When you choose to Remove a folder (by selecting one of your added root folders and then press “-”) it won't remove the folder from the disk, only from this window in Smultron.
Smultron has full support for storing your documents in iCloud so you can access them on all your computers.
Open documents
With the Open Documents toolbar icon (or by choosing Open Documents from the View menu) you can show all open documents in a window and you can reorder the documents in the list. You can also drag other unopened documents to the window to open them and also some selected text to open a new document containing that text. To get the size of the icon and the text, Smultron uses the setting in System Preferences - General - Sidebar icon size.
With the Compare feature in the Tools menu you can compare two open documents, that has been saved at least once. The changes will appear both color coded and with a symbol at the beginning of the change: green and a “+” for added lines, red and a “-” for deleted lines, yellow and a “•” for changed lines.
Text folding
If you temporarily don’t want to see a part of the document you can select it and choose Fold in the Text menu. This replaces the selected text with a symbol (but only on the screen, the document still has all your text). Choose Unfold after placing the cursor next to the symbol to see the whole text again.
View in full screen
You can edit the document in full screen by choosing “Enter Full Screen” in the View menu (nothing else will be visible but you can show the menu bar by moving your mouse to the top of the screen).
You can see a list of all the functions in your document in the Tools menu or with the toolbar item and go directly to that function.
Snippets are pieces of text that you use often or want easy access to. Include a %%s in the text and it will be replaced by the current selection. Include a %%c and the cursor will be placed at that position after the snippet has been inserted.
Close tag
This tries to find the correct tag to close by calculating the number of tags that has been closed and opened so it will find the last tag that hasn’t been closed. Note that this feature only works with tags surrounded by < and >.
With this you can preview the content of the current document. You can choose to open it in Smultron or in the app that has been chosen in the system (using Info in Finder) for that kind of document.
You can run commands from within Smultron if you for instance want to compile some code or validate an HTML document. The result from the command is shown or inserted into the text if inline has been chosen. There are some special code that you can include in your command: %%p to get the full path of the current document, %%d for the directory, %%s outputs the selected text to a temporary file and replaces that code with the path, %%t is replaced by the path to a writeable temporary directory.
Comment or uncomment
Inserts a single-line comment character(s) for instance // for a PHP-document at the beginning of the line or removes any existing comment. The menu item is only available if the language uses a single-line comment.
Invisible characters
Shows a symbol for characters that are usually not seen, instance space, tab and new-line.
Remove needless whitespace
Removes any possible spaces or tabs after the text and before the line break.


  • Auto complete: decides if Smultron should show complete suggestions automatically after a delay and whether it should include standard words for your language, like for instance “computer” rather than just words from the current programming language
  • Show in status bar: decides if position and number of words should be shown in the status bar along with number of characters
  • Documents: sets if the open documents and windows should resume at startup as they were when you last quit the app and if documents should by default open in tabs (you can change it afterwards on an individual basis in the Window menu) and if the Command key plus a number should use the current tab order or the order used in Open Documents
  • Indent new lines automatically: this gives a new line the same indentation as the previous line
  • File name extension: this is used to automatically give a new document a file extension
  • Converts line endings when saving: this converts all the line endings in the document to the chosen type when the document is saved

Here you first decide at the top which theme you want to change. Then you can change the background color for both the text part of the document and the line numbers. Then you can change the color of the text and the color when highlighting the current line and the selection and for invisible characters (when shown) and then also for all syntax types. At the bottom you can change the font for the text and line numbers. All changes are immediately updated in any open document.

  • Autosave: decides if Smultron should automatically save the document regularly, turning this off means that some features such as Versions and Share will stop working
  • UTF-8 BOM: this includes a UTF-8 BOM for documents when using the UTF-8 text encoding
  • Use spaces instead of tabs: sets whether when, for instance pressing the tab key, the number of spaces under Tab width should be inserted rather than a tab character
  • Open document with text encoding: setting this always opens documents with the specified text encoding rather than trying to guess which encoding the document uses
  • Colors: the color model used when inserting a color value from the Tools menu
  • Tab width: the number of spaces a tab characters is equal
  • Show page guide, at column: shows a line in the document at the specified column, note that if you use a font that is not monospaced the position of the line is undefined
  • Run text: the command used when for instance using Run Current Text from the tools menu
  • File extension: here you can decide which syntax should be chosen for a specific file extension, first choose the syntax and then add or change the file extension, without a dot and with a space between each extension

Regular Expressions

In Advanced Find you can use regular expressions to find and to replace whatever you want. Regular expressions are very powerful but also quite complicated to use properly. Below is a short list of some expressions you can use when searching but for a complete list you can go to:

^ Start of a string
$ End of a string
. Any character (except \n)
* 0 or more of previous expression
+ 1 or more of previous expression
? 0 or 1 of previous expression
\w Matches any word character
\W Matches any non-word character
\s Matches any white-space character
\S Matches any non-white-space character
\d Matches any decimal digit
\D Matches any nondigit
\R Matches all variants of line endings
[abc] Matches any single character included in the set
[^abc] Matches any single character not in the set
[a-z] Contiguous character ranges
(a|b) a or b
ab{2} Matches two b characters

End User License Agreement for Smultron

By using the licensed or demo version of Smultron you agree to the following: